we don't talk about our sorrows, and we don't have anything good to say either


It's been quiet. Too quiet around here. There's two reasons: I've been very busy, and I'm quite in a tough situation.

Whatever I do, it doesn't seem to be enough. At least that's what my mind tells me. The other part of me wants to just work, and not worry.

I need to find a way to relieve at least the pressing matters, so that I can concentrate on digging myself - and my family - out of dept.

I still believe that I can do it, and that my way is right. Only that doesn't help the mind in a tight spot. Being unable to pay bills for a longer period of time while working your ass off does not really count as motivating in my book.

I know I will eventually find a way that works for me, I always have and always do. But until I see it before me, I will be biting my fingernails trying hard not to panic. That will help no one for sure.


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