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Here's a very interesting article describing a process for better learning of a large volume of material: 'SuperMemo: Incremental reading" The article relates to a Windows software called SuperMemo, but I find the basic priciples described appliable even without the software. I think this is a very fascinating process of learning:

If you jump to the "Five Skills" headline, the actual process becomes visible:

I think the described software is important in the last point. It uses some advances algorithms to determine when to review a given piece of info.

What I find interesting and tranferable to other uses is the basic concept of incrementally processing raw information. Much like having a number of books on the 'currently reading' list, instead of a strict sequence.

From my current reading I can very much relate to that idea: I frequently need to put down the book I am reading in order to fully absorb the last idea/concept. Reading on at that point will only blurr my understanding. But this "Incremental Reading" seems to offern an alternative to simply pausing with a book. If I see this correctly it is perfectly ok to switch subjects instead of pausing to read completly.


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