Vlad on the finish line


Vlad Spears is bringing some (most) of his recent suite of special case audio plug-ins into a commercial form. Apparently he is reaching a point of almost there these days, and returns from his hermitage on the virtual moutain of sillent hacking. Also he reports on over one gigabyte of raw (?) audio produced during testing. I'm - honestly - slightly envious of his ability to build custom audio processors this way. But then, I know he envies my "Audio processing voodoo", which feels not so special to me. I guess we both - we all - just have tthing that come naturally and don't SEEm so important or special to ourselves.

So here's to Vlad's commercial plug-ins and may they bring light to the world! I will now go back to my noise and do some of my very own magic. It's been about time I did that anyway.


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