A Muse In My Genius


Ok, now he's cracked. Totally. Martin's been weird from time to time... but this? Whatever. Don't like it, don't read it. Allow me my part of weirdom. Heh :)

But honestly, I deeply feel with Michelle when she muses about how difficult it can be to explain to others what this Genius Name thing is about. Or what the particular names mean.

The name we find for our "Genius" basicaly describes our core process. The way we deal with the world. And and but (no typo here) this name is our personal description. It makes sense to us, first and foremost. Sometimes - for some - it can also be a good descriptive moniker to use to explain to others what we are about. But for some this can be rather difficult. As Michelle describes so fluently in her post: "I want to convey the sheer joy I experience when there is GLUE of coherence between people. The glue of mutual respect and understanding, love, peace, and joy and all that! I'm always trying to make people happy and it frustrates me no end that my very genius can't even make itself heard and be clear!"

Michelle's Genius Name is "Creating Coherence". Now that wording makes sense to me... almost. But then, I do know Michelle - at least I have followed her process of finding this name. But do otheres, you dear reader, have an instant understanding of what this means to her? And the questions that bugs me most... are you supposed to? Does a Genius Name need to be understandable to others?

Well, I know that mine will cause some blank looks and maybe a sly grin here and there. I've had my own share of doubts about "Being Muse". But it does ring totally true for me. And I KNOW others will misunderstand it, take it for something totally different as it means to me. So I keep it. And I keep it to myself more or less. Okay, I don't really :)


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