genius, frustration and burnout


What is frustration? And how does it come to be? What is burnout... and what do they have to do with our very personal unique gifts?

One of the exercises in Dick Richard's book "Is Your Genius At Work?" looks closely at frustration in our life as a clue to our unique gifts. The idea being that when these gifts (our Genius) are not able to manifest, when they are denied or even discarded by our surroundings we feel frustration.

Burnout happens when our good aspirations are constantly thwarted. When our unique gifts are misaligned with what we are trying to do - or are asked to do - frustration and later burnout follows. Burnout is a feeling of disillusioning. We can no longer muster the needed energy to go about things we actually (still) very much care for. And this paradox - we care for something but don't have the energy to act - is a source of frustration in itself.

So, how can we break out of this cycle?

First, by exploring and recognizing our very personal and very unique set of gifts we have brought to this life. Then by examining how we have in the past (unssuccessfully and uccessfully) tried to apply them to our life. That is something our frustration and burnout can teach us.

Once we know what our unique set of gifts is, we can look for ways to better apply them. Being clear about our unique gifts also helps us avoid things that we are not well equiped (destined?) to do.


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