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rss encoding...
(Friday 18th January 2002)

is my last real deal-stopper for SBELT2. encoding Umlauts etc. as html-entities won't do...

[update!] the rss url should work now!!! For the brave and curious out there: here's the URL: traumwind-rss

One step further. It is possible to turn around the encoding-table PHP uses to get custom bahavior:

$html = "<this> is not a tag, ÜÄÄÄhh";
function changeencoding (&$item1, $key) {
    $item1 = "&#".Ord($key).";";
function xmlencode ($s) {
    if (empty($xmltrans)) { // do this only once
        $xmltrans = get_html_translation_table(HTML_ENTITIES);
        array_walk ($xmltrans, 'changeencoding');
        reset ($xmltrans);
    return strtr($s, $xmltrans);

$xmlsafe = xmlencode($html);
echo $xmlsafe;

&#60;this&#62; is not a tag, &#220;&#196;&#196;&#196;hh
which I reall think is much nicer ;)

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