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What's he up to now?
(Sunday 25th July 2004)

Some of my readers (anybody out there?) might be thinking just what is he up to now. Some of you already know, as you are already part of it. Thanks again to you brave souls!

I would like expand it slightly. I now have three people who agreed to take part, all of whom I have asked from my own initiative. But I would also like to offer this to (a few) others,

So what is it about?
I'm trying out some ideas about doing some coaching via email. The basic idea is along the lines Curt Rosengren's ideas. A very strong focus is on self-reflexion and self-exploration.

The whole thing is strongly exerimental, and I'm developing it as we go. So if you are brave and willing to experiment, please contact me at [martin AT traumwind DOT de]

Update: I'm doing it bothe in German and English already, so you have the choice of language.

Update 2: Curt Rosengren responds with a very deep piece about The Power Of Ripples. It is really about helping people to make a change... making a difference by helping other to do so. I have a longer piece on this coming also. It's about fire and earth for me, not water ;)

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