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Tinderbox Agents question
(Monday 23rd February 2004)

Here's an idea I'd like to build with Tinderbox:
I have an attribute for each Note called 'Categories'. In this attribute I can list a number of categories that I think this Note belongs to, seperated my spaces (or commas). So far, no seat.
Now I'd like to have Agents to automatically collect all Notes that list a certain Category. I know very well how to do that too.
But here comes the tricky part: I don't want those Agents to be set up by hand. Setting up one Agent to collect each Category by hand is easily done, but besides the point here: I want to simply list my Cats in a Note and have Tinderbox create the Category Agents if need be (and maybe also destroy them if their ChildCount drops below 1).

I'm fairly sure that can be done... Any pointers to where to start looking would be welcome!

Doug Miller's Remembrance: Tinderbox is very close to what I'm thinking of. Only he also does the keyword-searches by hand, on-demand...

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