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talking about the war
(Thursday 10th April 2003)

is not what I do, did or will do. I'm neither pro or contra. Everybody has their reasons and reasoning. Who am I to decide who is right or wrong, and for what reason?

But this is one war-related link I want to share, as it reflects my feelings somewhat in far better words than I ever could: Bagdad falls

it's not if the war is right or wrong, I can't decide that. It's the way people relate to it. Talking about 'we' and such. I really dislike the sound of 'we' in this context.
'We are the world'
Oh yeah? Who's 'we' then? I don't mind 'we' if it is not used as 'not those' or as 'not you'. But mostly 'we' is used in an ommitting sense, not in an encompassing way...

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