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REX based Magpie look-alike
(Thursday 31st October 2002)

I'm working on a REX based fault-tolerant XML-parser to drive my MagpieRSS-based RSS-Reader (PHP). I made some progess last night, which you can see here. It already dispolays my totally unvalid test-feed (which contains unescaped HTML with nesting errors etc.), but the liberal nature of the MagpieRSS code interprets all those HTML tags as part of the RSS (which is a feature for rendering unknown RSS elements, a strong point of Magpie).. Some tweaking to be done...

[update:] there, taht's much better now. I'm using a 'blacklist' of HTML tags for the parser to simply theat as cdata, part of an item... so now I might need to add all known HTMl tags names to that list... I'll use the most common ones for now.

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