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the weblog is just a step, not the way and never the goal
(Thursday 18th July 2002)

It is not weblogs that will or have saved the flow of information or even the world. It's self-publishing, giving everybody a voice and a audience who will to express themselves.

Weblogs - if anything - have been and are an important step into this direction. The literary form and the medium of a weblog are maybe the very right place and form to start this self expresion, and the audience and infrastructure this form has gained is definetly a great boost.

But let's not staple this onto the weblog as such. As Eberhard Lutz is currently exploring, thought streams can definetly take other forms on the net...

As to Eberhards thoughts about Archiving et al... I don't think the analogy of humans 'forgetting' information over time is really that good. After all, the human mind dosn't really forget as in delete. It just dosn't link and access certain infos that often after time. But it is still there, retrieveable on need.

But the human brain handles this differnetly from computers. Seldom needed info never gets in the way. The brain does an exeptional job of 'getting out of the way' of thoughts. I think that is what we should mimic in software, in thought-management-systems.

Thinking about this for some time now, I do come back to the so simple and so successfuk WiKi principle.

The circle seems to close.

There's a lot of short comings the reverse chronological form of weblogs has. The one most grieving me is the undiscerning flow of snippets down into oblivion. Everytime I post something to the top of the pile the rest get's pushed further towards oblivion down the page. May it be timeless or stale in two minutes.

Just like this stream if thought inspired ny Eberhards last post.

Some of you might already get the drift. I'm a little frustrated with the form of this page here, and the limits this form has put upon my thinking out loud.

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