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some links on lists of links via Eberhard
(Sunday 24th March 2002)

or how Links play a role in building context, and how searching should be about context more that about words... or at least that's how I see it currently

[updated 2003-06-03: copied the actual text I was refering...]

Lists of Links

Google and NEC Research are not the only one who consider new ways of ranking web pages. There was an article by members of the IBM CLEVER project in Scientific American: Hypersearching the Web and some comments about it at Webmaster World who also maintain a Google forum. Krishna Bharat at Google wrote: Hilltop: A Search Engine based on Expert Documents. And, just rediscovered (from a time when Google was still know as Backrub): The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.

Linking in Context-This paper explores the idea of dynamically creating links and employing them in context via an open link service in a way that would serve that goal. One of the failings of traditional information retrieval models is attributed to the isolation of queries from the context in which they occur

DiscoWeb: Applying Link Analysis to Web Search

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