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I'm signing the paper just now...
(Wednesday 21st November 2001)

So then it's official. My drawing of a succubus will be on A&E Network, in one of the 'Cold Case' productions. Air time is february 2002. More details here soon.

And congaratz to John too! ColdMarble Musings - "first cover"
I hope it won't be to much like tooting my own horn to ask you all to help celebrate the first use of one of my photos on the cover of a print publication.
No I don't think it's tooting your own horn. Being proud of ones acievements is really ok.

And thanks for all thos congratulations, people you are great. And to tell the truth, without this community thingy I don't think this would have happened. Without this blog and you all linking to it, my art would never have ranked so high on Google, and how would they have found it then?

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