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if it's only in the name...
(Tuesday 8th July 2003)

I was stunned this morning by being mentioned on Tim Bray's blog:

Mostly, I just like the name Sender Traumwind, which sounds evocative and dreamy to my Anglophone ear; please nobody write and tell me it means "fish guts."

Ok, I won't write in to say that ;)...
it's like this: I was using the name 'Traumwind' for some time offline and later online (it translates to Dream-Wind), and when Radio Userland came along I had a long struggle with myself to decide if I should keep on building on my Frontier/UserTalk skills or finally break free and do my own... The software (PHP hack) that runs this weblog (and also that one that runs this entire site) is what came of that. And what was more appropriate as to use the word 'Sender' (Radio-Station) to reflect those 'roots'?

Well, actually it goes a little deeper than that... but what I really wanted to say in this post is this: There'S several things that make the 'success' of a weblog. A name that sticks might actually be one of them.

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