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using user-css to reveal website details...
(Wednesday 20th February 2002)

meryl.net; Blast Sites with User CSS Sheets Do you want to know what others have done on their Web site without having to crawl through the "View Source?" All you need is a modern browser and a text editor to make use of a powerful tool that will make you wonder why you never thought of it before. [pointer via scripting.com]

Ok, that's nice. But the pathto use one of those is a little boresome:
In Internet Explorer, go to TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > ACCESSIBILITY > Click the box beneath USER STYLE SHEET to "format documents using my style sheet" and use BROWSE to find the font.css file you just created.

Now wouldn't it be cool to do that via a bookmarklet?

[update: these Bookmarklets now work on most pages, not 'link' tag needs to be present. If you use IE5+ you can simply drag the links to your toolbar and click them on any page]
O'Reilly Network: The CSS Anarchist Strikes Again!

Selfhtml Forum: (JAVASCRIPT) (CSS) Bookmarklet: eigene CSS-Datei verwenden (German)

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