turkeys, virusses and creative rolls


So a small part of the world is celebrating thanksgiving, also known as turkey day. We don't celebrate that, but I kind of like the notion of 'giving thanks'. Some do it publicly, some in private, some only to themselves. But the idea is the same. Think about what you are thankful for. The mere act of that might show you more things to be thankful about than you ever expected.

Me? I am thankful that I can go down with a virile virus and my family won't starve as a result. Work lags behind, stuff doesn't get done, but my world will go on.

Oh, and I was being mega productive just before the virus hit. Got a lot of work done, and was also very creative with no work related stuff. Hope to resume both very shortly.

Have a good turkey if you are in that small part of the world that cares for it, and be thankful of what you have where ever you are :)

(part of) doug karr's happiness manifesto:

Don't rely on anyone or anything outside your own self to drive your happiness. It is up to no one but yours. When you own your happiness, no one can steal it, no one can buy it, and you don't have to look elsewhere to find it.


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