too many Tinderboxen


It's the old dilema every Tindbox user seems to have at some point and then again...

How many Tinderbox documents to have? I now have about ten or so. Some evelved out of others, some are in current use, some not. For some the distinction into seperate documents makes sense, like for a story writing project... But what to do with notes like in 'note taking'? Most of those are specific to a topic, but using seperate docs for each topic seems hindersome for quick note taking... on the other hand, when does a note become something more, become topical enough to be exiled to the specific document for a project?

And then there is th notion of private/public when part of what I do in Tb should be published on the web, and some not?

Currently I have a mainh 'NotesAndIdeas' document that serves as a generic container for unformed thoughts and rough drafts. I then copy what I want to the actual website document for finalizing... But that again leaves me with two versions of the same not, the rough one not being in-sync with the website and vice versa...

A, well, looks like I need to learn/develop a info strategy after all ;)

And then there's the process of moving complex agent setups between documents, with custom attributes intact... I'll need to research that further soon...


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