The Oblique Angle


The Oblique Angle
Love, Life and Fotoshoppe
(we didn't mention Sex, Music and Art btw, but it's also about those)

This one of those covers seeking a book/CD/product thingies I sometimes do. It was inspired by a comment about the way I tend to approach things. "The Oblique Angle" - comming from the POV that hasn't been considered before.

That was the staring point for this illustration, the rest is a series of throwing together this and that and seeing what came of it. The torso shot is a self potrait from a series of experiments with the iSight. The australian tree texture was turned into asian style ink drawing with the sepia and sharpen CoreImage filters availanöe in MacOS X Preview.

The willy-nilly combination of title, image and texture - stuff that happened to be on my desktop at that moment - very much is a case in point. I tend to work with what's at hand, re combining it in uncommon, unexpected ways.

Is it art? I couldn't care less, it's self expression. That's what matters i think.


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