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I am using Tinderbox a lot to plan and sketch things I want to do. I have a document titled 'Ideabook'.

And sometimes I see a very strong urge to refine, change, expand or correct things I have written earlier.

For example I planned this Passion Visualisation workshop in a simple outline. The during the actual workshop I added notes and annotations, but I also changed things around in some places completly. That'S ok so far, as now the outline documents almost the workshop as it was actually done.

But now I would like to formalize the whole thing in a clean written form, like one would print in a book or publish on a website... So what do I do? Do I correct, shuffle and overwrite what I had before? Therby I would change or even erase what I had done and what was actually held.

Or I could copy the outline to a new place and work with that copy as a starting point. That way I would preserve the original for later reference...

If none of my planning document had ever seen the light of day - if I was writing on a work that would only be 'performed once it is completly formed - this would not be such a difficult problem.

But here I have an 'almost done like this' version that is close to what I actually did in the workshop but not quite. And I also need to add in a lot of extra material and new ideas I didn't have the time to do in the actual workshop...

With an online 'public' manuscript for a book or such, there's no big problem with the content constan tly changing, evolving. But here I have a different problem...

Version control like CVS or Subversion are a good solution for the that evolves towards a definite end form. Not so much here...

I guess a simple 'storage for old ideas' approach might suit my situation best. A copy files under 'planning outline for workshop 2004' or some such should do it...

The weblog in a way comes close to this form. Each post or note in a weblog is (or should be) grounded in the temporal context it was written in. Later updates will only concern glaring mistakes or added info... never should they change the actual con tent of a post!


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