encouraging people is encouraging


Now that title might be a little daft. But there is an insight in there I've recently had.

I was having quite a down some weeks back, not finding a good way out of it. I knew if I could only motivate myseld sufficiently, I would snap out of it. I do have enough good ideas and projects I could start working on any time I wish. No lack there. Only somehow I didn't really want to.

Then one day a friend call to talk about some problems concerning a joint project, It was less about the actual problems to be solved but about the sheer nuisiance of dealing with certain people and how some people will simply try to drag anything down that could have any kind of real success.

The interesting thing about this call was this: I fell into my natural role of 'uplifting others', trying to find ways of how to deal with things in a positive manner etc.

That worked nicely and we had a very pleasant talk coming up with some productive ideas and a positive outlook on life. Yes I said 'we'. That phone call had also magically changed my own outlook on life. I had - without noticing - changed my moody and gloomy stance and was happily buzzing away at writing stuff at the PC.

Uplifting other is uplifting to oneself.

Changing others will change you.

Helping people is due to help you also.


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