For no apparent reason - apart from getting older - I've been musing about class reunions... and had an interesting observation: one the one side I'm not really interested in meeting my class mates again. Yeah it would be nice for curiosity's sake and all that... but the people from my school I'd actually want to re connect with weren't class mates of mne.

And in contrary to my long held belief that "those people from school" just arn't interesting enough to me - I realized that there are some I'd really like to meet again. Most of whom tend to not have shared a class with me back then. They weren't even in one class together. It's a very diverse group of people, across several age groups, and often the only thing that connects them is the fact that I connected with them.

If I had been a networker back then, I guess I'd been the connecting link between all these people, bringing them together. Interestingly, the cross connecting wasn't. I had concacts all over the place, but I seem never to have been a connector of people. Edgeworker, not Networker...

I guess that's still true of me today. I tend to know people from all over the world, I connect to individuals, not groups. And I surely don't create groups...


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