this is a different life


A lot of things have changed in thge last weeks and yet some more will change.

We are re-alinging our plans, goal and shedules. A lot of - un neccessary - stress and workload has been lifted by our decision to move out of that doomed project. Now we need to learn to live our (own) lives again.

One thing that is currently shifting for me seems to be related to this new place. My day starts far earlier and also seems to end earlier. I was looking at the clock just now and realized it's just 14:00h when I thought it might already be far later. I had been sitting here working for many hours already. This appartment is simply a morning type appartment. It has plenty of sun and light in the early hours and gets darker around noon - the sun hides behind some trees then.

I'm curious to see what other things will change :)


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