blonde coyote


A blonde coyote walked the trail one day, when suddenly a foot trap snapped closed around her front paw. Howling out in pain she jumped and raged for a few minutes trying to free herself, but soon realized that she stood no chance to get free. Resigned she sat on the trail, her paw stuck in the trap and awaited her fate.

Along the trail came the wolf, all big brute of an alpha male that he was.

"Hello coyote, I see you are out of luck today." He said with a sly grin on his face.

"Yes, I stepped on this trap here on the path, and now I am trapped here in the middle of the trail, completely helpless! Anyone coming down this trail could just take advantage of me!"

"Oh, in that case I guess I could take advantage of your situation... " grinned the wolf and he proceeded to ravage the poor trapped coyote.

After the wolf was done with her and went his way, the poor coyote lay on the trail, ruffled and abused. Along came hyena, saw her there and laughed, never one to pass a chance to make fun of another's plight. Without much ado, hyena proceeded to have his way with the blonde coyote, who had all but resigned, putting up no more resistance.

As this is a very public trail, used by most animals, we can assume that these two were not the only ones to take advantage of coyote's misery. When later that day human came down the trail, coyote was a sight of misery, totally spent and without any sign of noticing the human as she lay there in the middle of the trail.

"Oh coyote! You look miserable! What a nasty trap you stepped into!" said human. Coyote didn't respond. Human took pity on her and proceeded to open up the claws of the trap. Carefully he lifted her paw out of the evil device, and took care to apply some healing salves to her wound and bind it. By the time human was finished doing this, coyote had regained some of her spirit and looked at her savior.

Noticing her attention, human looked at her and said: "Now I know that coyote is seldom a grateful one, but I do hope she has learned her lesson from what transpired today?"

"Yes, she has" said coyote. "The next time she is out for some fun, she will choose a trap where no Two-legged Samaritans come by so often!"


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