back from Amsterdam


Oh wow. Back home, and on the verge of moving again. Not moving home this time, but moving office.

Amsterdam was great. But even greater than Amsterdam were the people there. Those I went to meet... and also and especially those who were having one of the biggest parties ever. Right. Queen's Day. In a way I almost regret I wasn't there to just enjoy the crowds. This must have been one of the most peaceful and friendly crows I ever experienced. Crowds usually freak me out, and for good reason. Ever tried moving blindfolded through a throbbing mob? Amsterdam, Dam Square on the 29th of April, I'd do that anytime again :)

Of course it all also depends on the people you that kind of thing with. I had a number of very good guides that day. Some of them total strangers until right before, and now very good friends.

Oh, and I finally got to meet up with Marc! Although our second meeting was very much delayed due to my and my guide's lack of orientation :)

So give me a good reason to do thios again next year... or rather: try to find a reason why I should not :)


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