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sharing by accident
(Monday 31st May 2004)

One idea/topic/concept that came up on BlogWalk was inspired by a story Oliver Wrede told us about how he learned things about people through reading their weblogs. That extra knowledge - or the new angle to understanding a person - was gained more or less accidently. The author of the weblog had not intended the information for the particular reader, and might not even been aware that it was 'news' to the reader. Simply writing about his life he shared something that was fresh to the reader. Also the reader would have never suspected to gain that paticular info.

That inspired me to the term 'sharing by accident' (at least I think it was me who came up with the term ;) )

But actually one can broaden the 'by accident' theme to more information transferral via weblog writing/reading:

Common to all these is the fact that there was no intention behind the effect that was achieved. But there was an effect none the less.

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