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Tara Hunt hjas a very nice post up talking about the in-our-mind rift between engineering and marketing... Well this kind of us vs. them is not only there. It can go deep into disaperate parts od the engineering 'team' too. Being a kind of 'jack of all trades' (generalist) myself, I have very often found myself in the position of a moderator between say the middleware (Java/J2EE) and frontend (pure HTML/Photoshop) developers. Ever so often I heard the sentiment of "let's let THEM worry about this". When really it was a team thing. Sit down in one room. We are all in one boat really. It is our sum that makes the product. So I was the moderator. Because I knew enough of both 'worlds' to be able to communicate. And had enough merrit with both camps to be listened to. Maybe you could have called it 'two way marketing'. Mediator, moderator. Could the classical marketing department take up such a role? Be the moderator between engineers and users? Mediate communications in both ways?


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