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Elin points to a study saying that women and men each prefer websites designed by their respective gender (very short paraphrase). So, my immediate thought was "what makes a website feminine or masculine?"

What are the key elements that would make a website appeal to the respective gender? In art and photography there are some very simple elements that can hint at the gender of the artists: men prefer to work in portrait format while women are said to prefer landscape format... Is it the choice of xolors? I think for websites this is slightly difficult to point to. For one there are only a small percentage of such websites that are designed entirely by women, if compared to the number of men doing that.

One thought was also that in the blogosphere one might be able to make this preference 'visible'. Take a blog you know has been designed by a woman. Look at the blog-relations of this blog. Compare those to a blog that has similar content but has been designed by a man.

A problem might arise here: there are plenty blogs written by women, but a lot of those use designs that were done by men. I think the other way around is very rare - a man writing a blog that has been designed by a woman...

Actually I'm not sure if I really want to get into all this gender discussion. I only thought it an interesting thing to think about. On the other hand the conclusion is rather 'obvious': women prefer things designrd by women and men such things designed by men. Isn't it natural that a same-gender design is bound to fit the tastes more closely?


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