haste ma vista?


You won't believe it. I now own a Windows Laptop that actually runs Vista! Well you might believe that part. But I actually kinda like the Vista experience.

Afzer having switched almost completly to Mac some four years ago (Mac OS X is simply THE developer's OS I think - spledid combination of Unix and GUI) - I was at the point where I NEEDED a windows based computer for simple compatibility and testing reasons. Now I could have done this on the cheap... but I decided I would rather get myself a machine that I would actually WANT to use on a regular basis. So my decision fell on a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Lifebook that has some quite decent performance specs... and very little extras. One main selling point of the Fujitsu Siemens line is this: they come with Vista, but you also get a easy to use WinXP downgrade option. The original idea was to try out the Vista, and then downgrade it to a working machine with XP ASAP.

Let me tell you I'm suprised I haven't downgraded yet. After all the horror stories I read about pre installed Vista, I figured I had some major setup work ahead of me.

It turns out I quite enjoyed the initial contact with the bloatOS ;) Musing on why this might be, here's some observations:

In summary I guess I can say this: if people rant about Vista as a bloatOS, it might not be all Vista's fault after all. A clean install with good driver support and little else is all a hardware vendor should put on a new machine. worked well for me so far.

(Note: I guess I will be aiming for a dual boot installation of Vista and XP shortly anyway. Some work requirements and some software that I want to use makes XP necessary... also I'm curious about the performance gain for a leaner OS on this laptop)


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