fetters, chains


There always seems to be something chaining me these days when I work on a computer.

Funnily this gets even more pronounced when I use my beloved 400Ghz TiBook. For a Laptop it has two major weakspots: it has a relatively ancient battery and it doesn't have Airport. So I often either run out of battery or or need to sit where the ethernet wire will reach... So much of what I do these days needs an internet conncetion that the net-chain is the most wanted one. But also near infinite battery life would be fine. I'm really not sure if longer battery life would help much. Currently I have maybe 2h. How much would be enough? four hours are said to be realistic, maybe six. I can perfectly imagine being anoyed when the battery runs out after seven hours... It will always be sometime when it suits me least.

Ok, maybe having Airport can make me more comfortable. At least that will get me outside the office where at leat two noisy desktop PC buzz away. I really enjoy writing on the sofa away from those 'Dampfmaschinen'


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