the high cost of success


Success comes at a price. We all agree on that I guess. But I am not talking about the price we need to pay in order to achieve success! This is not about becoming but about being. There is also a pricetag attached to the simple fact of being successfull.

Success itself has a price. And that price needs to be paid after it has been achieved.

I guess illustrating this with my current real-life example might make clear what I'm aiming at:

I am involved in a well-running restaurant/inn. It's a reasonably successfull one, no question. They regularly serve many more meals that most other restaurants in the area. It's a very nice place and people love to come here. It has everything it needs to be very successfull, and it is. So, where is the catch? Serving a certain number of meals requires emploees. Obvious, isn't it? But here's the counter-intuitive thing: serving more meals raises the costs in a faster degree than the income rises. So actually being more successfull is costing with each meal!

So now we are at the point of downsizing things drastically to a point where two people can handle most of the business. Two people - family - and no emploees. Anything above that and the whole thing costs more than it earns.

Now talk about the price of success.


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