been there - done that - it's no silver bulltet - syndrome


ha, wadda title, hm? This thought just crystalized for me. There is a certain pattern to what I do passionately... and to what I get kind of jaded about. When I start something new, I can be very *into* it, I reach a very high level of involvement in a field very quickly. Bleeding edge, that's me. Usually this is in new fields, where I can be a pioneer, where it is possible to do things fresh and in unexpected ways etc. But there are also a number of fields and expertises that I already have, that I aquired in the pas... where I am what someone dear called 'jaded.' The classical "Been There - Done that" kind of attitude. A wane smile crosses my lips when I read of people being all enthusiastic about stuff I've been doing months or years back. I still feel a pull towards these endeavours myself, but there is also a strong sense of dis-illusion...

MAybe I am - after all - searching for The Silver Bullet. The one thing that will solve it all. Whatever there IS to be solved. And I do get a bit cynical if the last big thing I was all over does not after all be the Silver Bullet.

Shouldn't I know better by now? That tere is no such THING?


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