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and she is a girl
(Friday 29th October 2004)

My baby daughter was greeted into this world today at 12:16. She was 46cm in size and weighs 2350g. Her name is to be 'Feline Rita Aurelia Spernau'.

Mother and child are both well, but need to stay at the hospital. It didn't work out as a natural birth, and was again rather close as it goes. But we have practice in these things, and this time the medical team did a very much better job of being friendly and professional.

Not much more for now, I have a boatload of phone calls to make...

Thx Alwin:

A good delivery is one where everyone comes away healthy, not when it "goes according to plan."

That sums it up very nicely. Actually it is less about what happens, but about how. That's what I meant with the friendly and professional earlier. The ream last time was absolutly professional, but failed miserably on the personal level. A mother to be very much wants to know what is happening, to be involved. After all the birth is b>her job not the doctors at all... Thbat part worked very much betgter this time!

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