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(Sunday 30th May 2004)

BlogWalk 2.0 has had some first results for my work, or rather my motivation to (again) work on some ideas I had lying around for some time now.

I have taken up work on my 'similar entries' feaature here. I was slightly blocked before as I hit some technical difficulties (scaling/performance)... But discussing the feature itself with some other opend it up again for me, and now I'm going at it from a different angle. I have started to work on the UI dife of things for now, to make accessible the info (if limited) my current tech can already provide.

So now you can click on the 'similar entries' link below each post and see a /currently) simple popup listing those. One major benefit already: it is far better to navigate. I have also added a prev/next link sheme to help prevent 'dead-ends' where the scripts did not succed in finding anything...

next step will be to use the TouchGraph based Vanilla-Vista applet to (once again) visualize the connections...

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