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I wear my sun-glasses at work
(Wednesday 21st August 2002)

Testing my life with glasses on. Special glasses. Not far- or nearsighted. Filter glass to reduce glare-strain for me.

Can I read better onscreen? Or worse?

These glasses are intended to reduce glare for me. Works cool outside too, But for working on the PC, they just might be a little dark. Not sure now, takes time for my eyes to adjust.

Let's not mention the color shift this special glass introduces. But that's the way it works, filtering out the higher frequencies, the blue ones that is.

And there is one of the main problems with using these glasses for PC work. Imagine I use light text on dark backgroung. Introduce some syntax highlighting.
Blue text on black. Oops. Where's those keywords? These glasses turn #0000FF to #000000 alright.


[well, at leaast this saves me from other people asking stupid questions about wearing orange-tinted glasses at work]

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