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(Monday 3rd December 2001)

Miniweb is a very tiny implementation of the TCP/IP protocol stack together with a webserver written by Adam Dunkels. The TCP/IP stack and the webserver uses around 30 bytes of RAM. The code is written in C and constitutes around 400 lines, comments removed.

uIP - A Free Small TCP/IP Implementation for 8- and 16-bit Microcontrollers
uIP - Size;
uIP uses 23 bytes of RAM for each TCP connection and 2 bytes of RAM for each listening TCP port. Other than that, uIP uses 9 bytes of RAM. A configuration with at most 8 active TCP connections, one listening port and a packet buffer that can hold 96 bytes will use 8 * 23 + 2 + 96 + 9 = 291 bytes of RAM.

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